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SANTI Service is offering the highest quality diagnostic and repair services for all brands trilaminate and cordura drysuits. We do not service neoprene drysuits.

For local support, contact your SANTI dealer or local distributor.

Please bear in mind that to every single service enquiry, the filled in and printed Service Form must be attached. 

Service Form 

Measurements Form



SANTI Service department declares the following servicing times that depend on the level of complication of works, and it can be: 

1.Up to 7 days – short service

  • change of wrist seals
  • change of latex neck seal
  • leak test
  • Extra valve installed
  • installing the knee pads
  • leak repair (up to 3 leaks)
  • Change of valve (excluding valve price)
  • installing of „worm neck” neoprene
  • installing suspenders with chest pocket
  • installing p-valve
  • installing wrist rings

2. Up to 20 days – medium service

  • change of zipper (including zipper)
  • installing the side pocket
  • change of neoprene seal
  • change of shoes for flexsoles
  • change of standard neoprene shoes
  • change for neoprene socks
  • installing neoprene hood
  • leak repair (up to 10 leaks)

3.Up to 30 days – complicated service

  • change of shoes with tailoring works
  • change of neoprene socks or flexsoles with tailoring work
  • service consisting of more then 3 above services at once.
  • leak repair ( above 10 repairs)
  • different kinds of tailor changes (shortening of arms or legs, narrowing or widening of the dry suit)
  • services that need to be explained, consulted.

Contact your SANTI dealer for the price list of SANTI services.

The above offer is valid in SANTI Service Center in Poland.