Extreme BZ 400/200

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Undersuit BZ 400/200 is designed for diving in water temperature less than 7°C. The BZ 400 insulation is  used in main body and BZ 200 is used in arms and legs for better mobility. It is up to you where you want the thinner insulation to be located. It is also ideal for long deep diving, with decompression.  The model is basing on BZ 400 cut.

We used the best materials and technologies available to produce this undersuit.

Thinsulate™ BZ 400 insulation is recommended by 3M as optimal for diving undersuits, because it is compressed and doesn’t take too much space under the suit. It also has a net layer, which make s the undersuit even more durable and practically indestructible. The lining is made of soft micropolar 140g/m2.

The outside layer is made of 6.6 Polyamide 100% additionally reinforced with polyester fabric in the areas exposed to damage.

In this model we used also good solutions from other versions, like elastic gussets in arms and waist, wide ankle bands and water-resistant cuffs with tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves.

16 sizes in standard, MTM/Custom offer.

Available sizes:

Product Description2Features:

  • Thinsulate™ insulation,
  • weight: 420/210g/m2, warmth: 1,80/1,30 CLO,
  • 3 pockets – one of them fastened,
  • water-resistant cuffs,
  • tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves,
  • banded collar,
  • two-way zip,
  • reinforcing patches on knees and arms made of polyester,
  • in waist – elastic gusset made of windproof fabric,
  • elastic gussets in arms,
  • suspenders,
  • wide (10 cm) elastic ankle bands.

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