Heating System Reviews

Jill Heinerth

A pioneering underwater explorer and filmmaker
Founder of www.WeAreWaterProject.com 


 “When filming in Newfoundland and the Canadian Arctic, the beauty of the environment stretches dives into very long durations. We’re diving on icebergs, filming WWII shipwrecks, exploring deep iron mines and swimming with whales. I use the full heated undergarment with gloves to offer me good dexterity and comfort for operating camera controls. Without it, I simply could not get the job done. SANTI has provided me with critical tools for expedition level diving in the coldest water.”


Kirill Egorov

GUE Assistant Training Director
GUE Tech 2 and Cave 2 Instructor








“My name is Kirill Egorov, and i am GUE Technical and Cave Instructor. 

I am teaching and diving for fun all over the world – and quite often in cold waters like Baltic Sea, Ordinskaya Cave in Urals, or caves and wrecks in Croatia. 

For many years a factor significantly affecting my comfort during longer cave or wreck dives was cold – with my hands suffering the most. 

Quite recently I have started using SANTI heated gloves – and this was a huge positive dramatic change. This summer I did several dives on Mars wreck in Sweden (with water temperatures as low as 4 degrees), Orda (with water temperature around 5 degrees) and caves in Cetina region in Croatia (water temperature around 8 degrees). It was great to fill, that I can be totally comfortable during 1,5 – 2,5 hours dives, keeping all the dexterity in my hands – which allowed me to work with my camera and truly enjoy my dives.

I also should mention, that I also use the heated vest and love it – worm, comfortable and reliable piece of equipment, that allows me to do the dives I like and keeping me worm.”


Phil Short

Explorer, Scientific Diving Safety Officer, Technical Diving Instructor Trainer

SANTI in Greece Antikythera wreck









“As an Explorer, Scientific Diving Safety Officer, and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, I dive in many environments around the world. Safety is the number one priority, and this requires exceptional quality and performance from my equipment. SANTI have supported my projects for many years with their outstanding dry suits, and over recent years that support has extended to improving safety and comfort during extreme cold-water projects with the advent of suit heating systems.
Many variations of suit heating systems have been tried over the years, several from manufacturers providing equipment for non-diving users such as motorcyclists, but none were custom designed and manufactured for the needs of divers.
The heating of a diver requires care to prevent decompression complications. Heat must be applied gently to the right areas and used as a prevention to heat loss rather than a means to re-warm.
I have used the SANTI system in water temperatures down to 0.5 degrees C and run times of over 5 hours in cave, mine, and open ocean environments, and utilised the heated vest, full heated suit and the heated glove system via the ‘Thermo-Valve’, and found it an excellent if not essential piece of equipment for projects in such extreme environments.
The quality of materials, construction, and operation are exceptional, as I have become used to with all SANTI products.
SANTI conducted a lot of research and trials, including thermal camera imaging, to determine the optimum output necessary to maintain core body temperature whilst not overheating the diver.
For divers venturing into cold-water environments for extended run times I would not fail to endorse and recommend the heating system range SANTI offer.


Tomasz Michura

MSDT PADI Instructor
TEC Instructor ITDA

tom 4







“I do use my hands a lot while sidemountdiving. They are subject to hard work and strain when I don and doff my stage cylinders, run a wheel  or practice gas switches.  It is nice to exercise these skills in warm waters but my homeland offers only cold and dark quarries and the Baltic sea is nowhere near the Red sea temperature-wise. Add to this running a course where the students perform the set skills and all you do is neutrally buoyant motionless supervision. At first I was a bit worried about all the cables and bulkiness of the heating vest and gloves….but ever since my first cold water dive having them on I have not even considered coming back to my old habit of rubbing my hands against each other to stay warmer. A great product every serious cold water diver should at least try out.”


Adam Chróścicki

KDP CMAS M2 Instructor








„I recommend heating system equipment to all divers, especially to those who dive in cold waters, mostly in the period when you have only 4 degrees for deco”.


JP Bresser

GUE Instructor











„I have been using the SANTI Extreme BZ400 full heating system in Croatia during a Cave Exploration and documentation project, filming the deeper parts around 65 meters depth in water with a temperature of 6-7 degrees C. As I used to dived the SANTI heated vest before I could remember feeling the vest warming up and heating the core part of my body.

For this project I used the full Extreme BZ400 system including the heated gloves and when near the end of the dive I started to feel chilly, I turned the switch and waited for the same warming-up feeling I experienced before with the heated vest and was surprised that nothing similar happened.. I was a bit disappointed until I started realizing I was not chilly anymore but felt quite comfortable and toasty. Even the numbness in my hands was totally gone.

After deco and resurfacing I felt warm and comfortable, and when I took of my SANTI heated gloves I had warm hands, a big difference compared to my teammate that was shivering and had blue hands.”