SANTI Battery 6Ah














SANTI Battery 6Ah – Designed for the SANTI heating system

  • light, small and ergonomic container
  • E / O cord connector with unique led illumination
  • trouble-free piezoelectric switch
  • belt loop (no need for clamps)
  • charging through E / O cord connector
  • the possibility of using for both the SANTI heating system and lights
  • modern design

Technical parameters:

  • capacity: 6 Ah
  • operating voltage: 12 V
  • height: 115 mm
  • diameter: 74 mm
  • E / O cord length: 60cm
  • material: polyacetal / POM / Delrin
  • charging time: 4-5 hours
  • operation depth: 100m
  • weight: 0,68kg

Battery Certificate


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