VDS Rings

A unique feature is that they are very durable, yet very lightweight in contrary to the metal rings.

These rings are bonded to the sleeve whereas the wrist seal is clamped inside the ring with the locking hoop on the inner side of the ring.

Another distinctive feature about the VDS rings is possibility to order them in a different color versions, depending on customer preference or matching suit colors.

There are four sizes (inner diameter) of the rings:
S – 75 mm M – 83 mm, L – 90 mm XL – 100 mm

As an option to the drysuit  following colors are available:

white, yellow, black, red, blue, gray, lime and fuchsia(pink).

There is also an alternative version, simply clamped on the wrist seals with the inner hoop which locks the ring on the seal.

The standard version is available in black.

From now on the customer may select any color option for the suit and complete the whole with the VDS rings of the same color, according to customer’s preferences.

Particularly significant feature for the Ladies First line or a new color options in the E.motion +, but also applicable in other models.


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