New stage of Sedna Expedition has just started
July 25th – August 4th


SANTI is supporting the SENDA exhibition by providing the Team with Ladies First collection of drysuits and undersuits, believing that combined forces – best diving equipment and excellent diving skills will bring great results.

The 2014-2018 Sedna Epic Expedition will immerse itself in the issue of disappearing sea ice snorkeling the Northwest Passage in 100 days.

The Sedna Expedition will serve as a “call to action” for citizens of the world, including youth, providing aboriginal and scientific knowledge to inform governments of the world on implementing science-based policies to mitigate global warming. Named after “Sedna,” the Inuit goddess of marine mammals, the all-female Team Sedna will inspire Inuit and Inuvialuit women and girls to think big, to follow their dreams, no matter how out-of-the-box they may appear.

Before tackling the Northwest Passage, Team Sedna will run a proof-of-concept expedition in July 2014, traveling by ship from Labrador to Baffin Island, across the Davis Strait, to Greenland.

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