A. Correct usage

• Always slowly and smoothly move the slider as vertically as possible when fastening the zipper – especially at the shoulder area. Angular pulling may cause element miss-engagement and
may result in poor waterproof performance or damage of the slider and/or teeth.

• Pulled angular and donned or doffed not fully open, the zipper slider may disintegrate from teeth. Use extremely carefully when donning and doffing the drysuit. Pay attention not to overstretch the slider by force. In case when the slider disintegrates contact Santi Service for advice immediately, as it might be possible to fix such case at site.

• Overstretching of the top and bottom stops should be avoided as this may lead to above damages.

• Zip and unzip slowly without using too much strength – unlike metal zippers, YKK Aquaseal zipper should be zipped by easy pulling the slider vertically down towards the docking end.

• AQUASEAL® zipper is sensitive to UV degradation, creasing, and de-lamination and wear through friction. – do not leave the drysuit for drying in direct sunlight. Do not expose the zipper to direct UV operation.

• Folding or crushing the zipper may affect its performance – use carefully to prevent from breaking.

B. Cleaning

• Regular cleaning with fresh water and use of a suitable lubricant is advised in order to prevent damage to the tape and seals.

• Use clean cloth and fresh water to clean the zipper from any sand or dirt.

• For lubrication, please use the lubricating stick attached.

• Do not dry clean or machine wash.

• When closing the zipper always make sure that under clothing will not get stuck in the zipper teeth.

C. Maintenance

• After each cleaning the zipper, we strongly recommend to apply lubricant to the zipper in order to maintain the proper waterproof performance.

• Never apply the lubricant to wet zipper.

• Lubricating the zipper should be done according
to following manual:

1. Apply lubricant to the bottom-Seal as indicated in the diagram.
2. Open and close few times. The lubricant will then become distributed along the zipper elements.

D. Storage of a drysuit with YKK Aquaseal zipper

• do not fold or bend the zipper when storing the drysuit – follow the drysuit manual for correct storage.

• Do not store the drysuit in temperature conditions that exceed 60°C (140°F).

• Store with the zipper completely closed, taking care not to bend it. The storage in an opened position for long period will cause zipper
bending which will cause leaks.