Gemma Smith


Gemma Smith Bio

Gemma started scuba diving in her teens, from a background of extreme sports. Early on in her diving life she decided to concentrate on technical diving, to allow her to explore the deeper wrecks around the UK coastline. From that foundation she went on to discover cave diving, and ended up qualifying as one of the youngest ever OC and CCR full cave diving instructors. Over the last few years she has been involved with the joint project between Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Boston, and the Greek Ephorate of Antiquities, to excavate the word famous Antikythera Mechanism Shipwreck off the island of Antikythera.




  1. My adventure with diving started…
    when I was 17. I’d always loved adventure sports, and diving seemed like a cool hobby to try next. I completely fell in love with it though the first time I took my first breath underwater, and I’ve never looked back.

  2. One of my most exciting dive expeditions..
    was being involved in the 2016 Royal Canadian Geographic Society’s Expedition of the Year at Bell Island Mine in Newfoundland.

  3. My biggest dream about diving is…
    to one day dive unexplored cave passages. To be the first to see a new piece of underwater cave must be an amazing feeling.

  4. My biggest advice to beginning divers is
    to be patient. Like all things in life, becoming a good diver will take hard work and perseverance. Don’t give up.

  5. I dive in SANTI,
    because the suits are without doubt the most well fitted and beautifully made drysuits I have dived in.

  6. Apart from diving my other interests are
    photography, hiking, and just being outside in nature at every opportunity!

  7. Currently I am working on…
    the Antikythera Mechanism Shipwreck excavation. Its been an ongoing project over the last few years, and this last season we were lucky enough to make history by discovering human remains on the site.

  8. If I wouldn’t dive I would
    still be found near the water, in some form or another!