Sponsored by SANTI



Between 28-30th of May in Demo Center Krnica Dive in Croatia, Documentation Contest sponsored by SANTI took place. In the contest participated national teams of GUE divers: from Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, two teams from Germany and the team with meaningful name and abbrivation KGB- Krnica Global Bastards.

The idea of the contest was simple. Each team was tasked to draw a wreck, then during two days of dives to document it with photographs and description to finally present the results of their work to an independent jury on the third day of the competition.

The wrecks were located at different depths – from 25 to 60 meters. Some of them have an interesting and rich history which facilitated the participants later presentation.

Teams had 20 minutes to present the results of their work, plus 5 minutes to answer the questions of the jury. Some answers were serious, others interesting as answered in a visual form, and others such as those of german team funny.

Jury had difficult task to choose the best team. Finally they decided to award German GUE divers.

More info: http://www.documentation-contest.com