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We are glad to introduce first 4 choices of new 2020 Afterdive collection of t-shirts.

This year we will be gradually introducing new designs – second part of them will be introduced later in the season.

The new Afterdive collection includes: 2 new men's models of t-shirts and 2 women’s t-shirts. The t-shirts are produced from cotton and elastane mixture for easier washing. The cut is sporty and slightly prolonged for comfort. Composition: 95% cotton/5% elastane.


The first model is a proposition for both Ladies and Men – ANGLER 2.0

A black T-shirt with a refreshed, classic and already popular pattern from the first SANTI Afterdive collections showing a diver's face in combination with deep-sea fish. Do you want to express yourself and your passion for diving more? This t-shirt is a great solution.



The second model is a proposal for ladies - DOTS T-shirt

Women's black T-shirt with a new, original SANTI inscription on the front, made of small graphic patterns. A choice for those for whom the devil is in the details.






The third model is an offer for men - T-shirt STICKER

Dark gray men's T-shirt with the original SANTI sign on the sticker. The perfect choice for those who like vintage-retro graphics.



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