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Agnieszka Hrynkiewicz

Managing Director

Agnieszka has been working in Santi since 2011 and started her career as a Manager in the Service Department. After a relatively short period of time she was appointed Sales Director and in 2016 advanced to the position of the Managing Director responsible for the workflow of all the departments, starting from Logistics and Production to Sales and the cooperation with the network of Santi Distributors and Dealers.


In her work, Agnieszka is primarily guided by the company values of loyalty, creativity, innovation and integrity. She strives to build, promote and strengthen these values within the team and among her subordinate clients, placing emphasis on kindness and sense of fairness as well as integration and positive relations within the team. Many tasks connected with everyday work and customer service are intertwined in her work with building plans and strategies for further development in close cooperation with the company's management board.


Agnieszka likes her job at Santi very much for the opportunity to work with great, companionate team of employees and clients, possibility to travel, vast knowledge about the market gained for many years, every year new development potential and possibility to implement her own ideas. It is very satisfying for her to observe their effects, which are usually visible quite quickly and the gratitude of customers for what we do together in the diving industry.


In her free time Agnieszka likes to spend time outdoor, surrounded by nature, at the lake and in the forest. She loves picking mushrooms, skiing, going for long walks with her dog and spending time with friends, preferably cooking together. Agnieszka is also a member of the family music band where she sings and plays the drums. Agnieszka's biggest passion is travelling, exploring and understanding new cultures and places, trying local food and visiting interesting cities, places and monuments. Her dream is to take a long camper trip to all the states of the USA.

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