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Agnieszka Szymczyk

Marketing Specialist

Agnieszka started working at Santi in 2018 as an Administration and Accounting Specialist and then, changed her position into Purchasing and Logistics Specialist. As part of our internal recruitment processes quite quickly found herself in the position of Marketing Specialist, where she coordinates and implements marketing activities, runs social media channels, cooperates with the press, is involved into PR activities and marketing support of our sales network.


In her work Agnieszka diligently approaches each new task that the company sets. Agnieszka's great skill is multitasking, which means she can handle several issues and topics simultaneously, hence she excels in her current position. She is always deliberate and smiling, but also assertive, decisive and open to new challenges and gaining new knowledge.


Agnieszka really enjoys working at Santi for the opportunity to take part in various interesting projects, for the constant development and possibility to perform new tasks. She is glad that every day she can use her imagination which brings her closer to realization of new ideas.


Outside of the office, Agnieszka teaches English because she is an English teacher by profession. In her free time she takes photos and processes them graphically, rests actively, likes cycling, snowboarding, spending time travelling and exploring little-known places. Her passion and interests include linguistics and psychology and her greatest desire is to visit New Zealand.

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