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Aldo Ferrucci

Aldo about SANTI

I have been using Santi products for two years now. Before this choice I used the products of the most important companies in the market.

Yes, since the first time I had to choose the size, I immediately appreciated the well-shaped cut and the accurate finishes, as well as the quality of the materials.

Aldo Ferrucci Bio

Technical diving instructor, specialized in closed circuit rebreathers, diving is not only his profession but also a passion from an early age.


Thanks to his work, he was fortunate to participate in the production of international films and documentaries, traveling the world from north to south, from east to west. Underwater photography is part of this, but only on a personal level, it allows him to share his experiences with friends.


Wreck dive is his best, he explores the most important wrecks around the world: Andrea Doria, Britannic, Viminale, Natal, Protee, U455 and many more.


But he loves everything underwater and for some years now Santi Dry suit is his best buddy.

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