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Audrey Cudel

Audrey about SANTI:

I believe in one’s capacity to extend her limits through training, practice and safety. SANTI is supporting me and the diving community in those three aspects offering reliability,
quality, support and innovative designs.The dive gear is not a finality but an essential medium to achieve a goal one forgets about when it works as it should. As such, my SANTI drysuits and heated systems are backing me on a daily basis when teaching and exploring.

Audrey Cudel Bio

Audrey Cudel is a cave explorer and technical diving instructor specialising in technical sidemount and cave diving training.
She started diving 30 years ago in the south of France where she grew up. She left her former consulting career in 2009 to dedicate herself full time to education, conservation and exploration projects. In 2012, she founded one of Malta / Gozo’s most famous Technical Diving Facility that she ran for seven years before establishing her own company AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL. She is actively training divers in Gozo/ Malta, Mexico, Hungary, France, Spain and Egypt.
Beside designing and distributing sidemount and cave equipment, she also became a Brand Ambassador for SANTI and works in close partnership with Gralmarine, DAN Europe and Razor.
She is also renowned in the diving community for her underwater photography portraying deep technical divers, cave divers and all diving training sessions. Her photography and articles have been publlished in various magazines such as Wetnotes, Octopus, Plongeur International, Perfect Diver, Times of Malta, SDI/TDI and DAN (Divers Alert Network) publications.

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