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Modern technology and electronics will allow from now on to enjoy uninterrupted and unflagging heat comfort during the dive time. Blue Power battery allows 2 levels of heating and independent, non-invasive self-replacement of the power cable when necessary.



What characterizes it and distinguishes it from other batteries available on the market:

  • maintaining a stable voltage level, thus maintaining a constant heating temperature throughout the battery's run time. 
  • two levels of constant voltage at the output set by the user as needed are used:
    1. for typical heating power need – app. level 11V (like other heating batteries) 
    2. for higher heating power need – app. level 12V 
  • new ergonomic design of E/O CORD connector with two LEDs  
  • Audible and luminous indication of the battery mode was used, along with an indication of low charge level. 
  • Ergonomic shape of the case with added anti-slip elements useful on the surface. 
  • Possibility of simple replacement of the E/O CORD cable in the selected length without necessity of  service. 
  • failure-free piezoelectric button to switch on/off the battery. 



What does the value represented in watt-hours mean?

In the case of the 198Wh in the BLUE POWER MEDIUM, it means that the diver will have 198W of power to use in one hour. In two hours, he has 99W to use, in four hours about 45W.

Example 1:  
Santi's heating vest has 55W + heating gloves 36W - a total of 91W. 
So 198Wh with a 14Ah battery will allow the equipment to be used for: 
198 Wh / 91W = 2.17h or about 2 hours and 10 minutes. 
The above result is also affected by the temperature at which the battery operates. 

Example 2: 
The heating gloves have 36W. 
So 397Wh with BLUE POWER LARGE 28Ah will allow heating gloves for: 
397 Wh / 36W = 11.02h or about 11 hours. 
The above result is also affected by the temperature at which the battery operates. 



The expected maximum operating time with the SANTI heating system:

  • heated undersuit (110W) : 3h
  • heated vest (55W) : 6h
  • heated gloves (36W) : 10h
  • undersuit with gloves (146W) : 2h 20min
  • vest with gloves (91W) : 3h 30min

Note : Blue Power batteries are dedicated only to power the heating system. The technology used in the batteries is not compatible with other devices. We recommend you to read the instruction manual in detail.



Battery parameters:

  • battery capacity : 28 Ah
  • battery energy : 397 Wh
  • output voltage on 1st stage : 11 V
  • output voltage on 2nd stage : 12 V
  • nominal voltage on battery : 14,8 V
  • type of cell : LI-ION
  • height : 338 mm
  • maximum diameter : 87 mm
  • construction material : Poliacetal / POM / Delrin®
  • length of E/O cord : 60 cm
  • maximum power of the heating set : 200 W
  • full charge time : 14 h
  • maximum diving depth : 100 m (tested on 130m)
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