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Christine Grosart

Christine about SANTI

“…I know in England the caves are very small, the water is very cold, and you cannot see anything. Those are very difficult and dangerous conditions.” Olivier Isler.

These are the caves where I learned my craft and I strongly believe if you can handle UK cave diving conditions you will do well anywhere in the world. My equipment needs to keep up with me and a well-fitting, tough and reliable drysuit is an absolute staple on the longer, colder dives.

Christine Grosart Bio

Christine Grosart is a cave diving explorer, holding the end of the line in many caves in France and Croatia. She has explored and mapped new caves using everything from sidemount 7 litre bottles to CCR and scooters.

She is an examiner for the Cave Diving Group of Great Britain.

A paramedic by trade, she works mainly offshore as a dive medic in the energy industry.

In her spare time she is a trustee of the award winning conservation charity, Ghost Fishing UK and wrote the world’s first comprehensive ghost gear removal training course.

In 2020 she became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and was inaugurated into the BBC Women’s Hour Powerlist for her marine conservation work.

She is a published author, public speaker, award winning film maker and photographer. She is also a caving instructor, introducing her lifelong passion to the public.

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