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David Cani

David about SANTI:

I would say - What else? If you are a diver, if you want to enjoy water, be comfortable and dry during your underwater adventures, explorations or extreme exposures and even look good with a small details, then there is no one better! Add depth to your life...dive safe!

David Cani Bio

My adventure with diving started:
1994 together with water rescue service.
As a diver I am mostly proud of
deep project at Hranice Abyss / second deepest cave in the world.
One of my most exciting dive expeditions
was working with Wes Skiles.
My biggest dream about diving is to still have fun and great time with friends... and some explorating of course.
My biggest advice for beginning divers is to think before dive.
I dive in SANTI, because I want to.
Apart from diving my other interests are freediving, martial arts, MMA.
Currently I am working on Hranice Abyss, Býčí skála / Bull cave Moravian Karst.
If I wouldn’t dive I would drive air taxi.

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