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Getting right size

Why is it important to choose the right suit size?


Proper fitting of the drysuit is very crucial for comfort, mobility of the diver, ballast selection and gas distribution. Diver needs to have the possibility to reach their gear with nothing restricting their movement.


When measuring, it is very important to know the exact points on body in which the measurements will be taken. Human body is various in shapes and sizes, keeping that in mind will allow us to avoid mistakes, e.g. muscular body should be checked considering tensed and relaxed muscles like bicep, chest or thighs. The differences might be very big and have huge influence on the overall result. Rounder bodies should be measured in the widest points and critical points where the body shape is unusual. Cross checking the measurements and double measuring will take us just a little more time and can save us from future stress and costly mistakes.


These simple tips should allow you to take the right measurements, however, remember that SANTI strongly advises that every customer should get help from our professional dealerships who are qualified to perform such work and carry responsibility for correctness of your order.


We strongly discourage ours customers to place orders for our drysuits and undersuits based only on self judgement of the right size and components composition.


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