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Gunnar Midtgaard

I have worked my way through some drysuits over the years. Santi E.Lite plus is by far the best combination of movability, durability and comfort I have experienced. It also looks good and the details are all done correctly. It is obvious that people at Santi are divers and that they are using ideas and feedback to constantly improve. 

Gunnar Midtgaard Bio

Since I was a young kid I have always played in and around water. The enjoyment is still the same, but the adventures has evolved are still evolving. For 20 years I have been diving the clear, but dark waters surrounding Norway and travelled the world to explore caves, reefs and wrecks. Norway has a great deal of history from WW2 below the surface and one of my biggest interests has been to explore and document these wrecks that often also are positioned in beautiful locations with crystal clear water. Since 2005 I have continued my education in GUE and are now active as an Instructor Evaluator and teach Tech 1, 2 and CCR classes. With more then 2000 dives in cold water, I at some point got tired of freezing. Santi has been a game changer for me with comfortable and durable suits and heating systems. Santi equipment makes my adventures safer and definetaly more comfortable!

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