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How to choose drysuit?

The popularity of drysuits   

Drysuits have become increasingly popular among divers. Technical divers who often do wreck or technical diving, long and in colder waters know this perfectly well. Those who dive less often, prefer the shorter diving in warmer waters are also increasingly inclined to opt for drysuits. Why?


Why is it worth choosing a drysuit?

Because it gives amazing comfort under water - we are dry, warm and comfortable. There are more benefits of using it.

Drysuit insulates virtually 100% of the diver’s body from the water. Thermal properties of the suit depend on the fabric it is made of and undersuit. It is used for all types of dives, especially in colder waters and during deep dives. It is also excellent in the course of diving, when an air temperature and water is very low, eg. Ice Diving. You could say that if we have a drysuit, diving season never ends.


How to choose the best drysuit?

If you care about comfort while diving, you want to dive longer and deeper, primarily derive from unlimited pleasure of being under water – bet on the drysuit.

We want to make it easier for you to go through this process, that is why we have prepared a manual for you, thanks to which you will know what to look for and how to choose the best drysuit.

Have a nice reading.

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