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Ian France

Ian France Bio

Ian France is one of the UK’s top and most respected, technical diving Instructor Trainers (IANTD UK) with thousands of hours underground. Ian specializes in Advanced Cave and Mine diving; but has also been involved in nautical archaeology, commercial diving operations, safety and support diving, scientific diving and TV diving documentaries for the BBC.


Ian provides OC & CCR Cave, Mine and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level throughout the world, and when not teaching –is a very active diver, exploring caves, mines, and the ocean. Ian has been responsible for exploring, and mapping, virgin cave and un-dived mines.

A member of the Nordic Explorers, the British Cave Diving Group, a founding member of the UK Mine/Cave Diving & Exploration Group , and a regular instructor, and speaker, at Tekcamp, Cave Camp, and BalticTech.

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