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Jerome Descamps

Jerome about SANTI:

Solid, lightweight, comfortable out and under water and snug, I need nothing else!

As a diving professional, it is important to have equipment that corresponds to my needs,representing lightness, strength, comfort, especially, that half of the time I dive in cold water. I found all I needed in SANTI drysuit and undersuit during dives in the sea, the lake, quarries, mines, pools, caves. The drysuit does not always has an easy use and does not always has time to dry.

Jerome Descamps Bio

Diver’s son. Being passionate about nature, history and adventure and curiosity lead me to become a diver. It was very complicated to get me out of water when I was a child, but my parents  didn't try to change the way I was growing up. After trying different sports I have dedicated myself for 100 % diving, being addicted to deep diving, wrecks, trips and discoveries, in particular new things.

5 years ago it became a full time job; I started to work as technician for most dive brands and teach diving. I am instructor at PADI, IANTD and TECREC and specialize in technical diving.

For me every dive remain an exploration and each exploration remains a unique moment in my memory.

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