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Kamil Kwapiński

Creative Manager

Kamil has been with Santi since 2016 when he took the position of Graphic Designer. Currently, he works as Creative Manager taking care of the brand image worldwide. He is responsible for marketing in its broadest sense and all the graphic and creative things for both the SANTI and AVATAR brand.


Kamil approaches all tasks in a composed and systematic manner and responds to all the current needs and orders in the Marketing Department, both long-term and scheduled, as well as those that need to be created on the spot, within a few hours due to an emergency need or idea that comes up. Kamil's patience, calmness and positive attitude allow us to feel that we will manage to get everything done on time despite the multitude and number of marketing projects in our company.


Kamil likes working at SANTI because of its unpredictability and at the same time stability, artistic freedom and ability to create.


In his free time Kamil enjoys tinkering and tuning motorcycles and cars. His passion is broadly defined creation. He even builds his own house. He also likes to go on spontaneous trips "ahead of himself".


His dream for today is simply to live a peaceful life without worrying about what the next day will bring.

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