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SANTI Diving joins the Polish nationwide campaign  #BusinessSupports

SANTI Diving, a company which specializes in dry suits production on a daily basis,  shared a part of production capacity to sew two types of protective masks. Having received specialised fabric from Pomeranian Hospitals Group and determined the essential requirements, 1,400 three-layer interlining face masks were sewn. On 30 March this years the masks will be donated to Pomeranian Hospitals Group in Redlowo, Gdynia.   


SANTI employees’ bottom-up initiative

In the first weeks of March, SANTI employees began to sew protective masks the production of which has currently got engaged in the entire Poland. „The attitude of our employees fills me with pride. Our production line and machinery park is located in Gdynia. The decision made a long time ago, reasoned by the possibility of conducting quality control at every stage of diving dry suit production, has become even more significant in the face of current crisis. As soon as the prevailing situation in Poland has begun to deteriorate, we could join the Corporate Social Responsibility campaign immediately”- comments Tomasz Stachura, the founder of SANTI Diving.


Protective visors and hazmat suits in production

SANTI Diving Company has also started producing prototypes of hazmat suits as well as protective  visors which protect healthcare professionals against the Coronavirus disease. We expect that we will be able to inform about the first pieces in the near future.

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