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SANTI safety suits and face shields

Santi Diving collects feedback from local hospitals' staff on safety suit prototype entirely designed and produced in SANTI.

In the past week, the prototypes of SANTI suits were donated to local hospitals (Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdansk, PCK Marital Hospital in Gdynia, F. Ceynowa Specialized Hospital in Wejherowo) with request to have them tested and assessed.

'Having received first favorable feedback, we started to sew next pieces- we are aware of how significant immediate reaction is up against current situation prevailing in the country. We are still awaiting the rest of health service representatives’ opinions for they are crucial for us since it is them whose health the SANTI suits are to protect'- says Lukas Cupisz, R&D Department.


Photo: F. Ceynowa Specialized Hospital in Wejherowo


SANTI Safety Suit


Employing years of successful experience in the diving suits manufacture, the SANTI safety suit was designed which fundamental and major task is to protect against extrinsic factors. Made of watertight fabric with easily washable PU outer shell, with all seams being taped,
it is in full measure a waterproof product. The suit is equipped with a button loop, additional ruff on the leg preventing contamination or dirt from getting inside the footwear, splash-proof zipper as well as welts on the legs, sleeves and hood.


'Within the following few days, another suits will be donated to local hospitals on complimentary basis- the first will reach Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdansk and the F. Ceynowa Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo, Poland. The latter being close to our heart since vast number of our production employees come from this region. It is of utmost importance for us to contribute to the development of their sense of security. Demonstrative suit will also be donated to St. Vincent Paulo Municipal Hospital in Gdynia and to the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia, Poland'- says Lukas Cupisz.



The decision to provide support to nearby hospitals was made at the beginning of March when masks for Pomeranian Hospitals Group were in the process of production- read more about SANTI joining #BusinessSupport at:

It is being considered to share part of manufacturing capacity to launch mass production of suits.


Face shields manufacture - diving community against pandemic


SANTI and SEACRAFT Company, being the manufacturer of underwater scooters on a daily basis, teamed up. SEACRAFT donated nearly 200 pcs of base parts for fixed face shields. Several complete face shields have already been produced basing on them and the production proceeds.


Received information from tricity medical community, SANTI Company commenced manufacturing of face shields with regulated visor (3D printed), entirely designed by SANTI team, and a weekly production run is estimated at around 40-50 pieces, according to the team capability.



Made of PET-G materials, they have rubber which enables adjustment of head as well as protective neoprene which is easy to disinfect. Unfortunately, due to unavailability of sheets that visors are made of, production of both models is limited.

All manufactured face shields are being donated to surrounding hospitals. First ones reached PCK Maritime Hospital in Gdynia, Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia and F. Ceynowa Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo, Poland. Next face shields will be donated to healthcare professionals this week.


SANTI sewing masks for hospital staff and diving community


With situation deteriorating overnight throughout the world, the action „we support to the best of our ability” was launched. Plenty of masks were donated to SANTI dealers all over the world and ten of them were added to each drysuit purchased.

Having received materials from Supply Department of Pomeranian Hospitals as well as using those obtained by ourselves, nearby hospitals were provided with another packages with masks, the model of which was accepted by them. So far support has been provided to: Pomeranian Hospitals Group- headquarters in PCK Marital Hospital in Gdynia- 3100 pcs,
F. Ceynowa Specialized Hospital in Wejherowo, Poland- 600 pcs, Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia - 200 pcs. Furthermore, the latter institution was provided with 60 sets of protective clothing (blouses and trousers).



Contact for media:
Izabela Kwiatkowska - Marketing & PR Manager, Santi Diving

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