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RESULTS of SANTI Photo Awards 2023

The results of the SANTI PHOTO AWARDS 2023 Contest have been announced!


The contest has come to an end, and we are pleased to announce the winner and the other winners of this contest.


Among the many talented participants


Kurt Storms


the author of the amazing photo is the winner of the 12th SANTI Photo Awards.


The photo by Kurt Storms won 1,217 of your votes, which is an exceptional achievement. His work delighted our community and proved his extraordinary creativity and ability to capture the beauty of the underwater world through his camera lens. Here is the list of other talented photographers who were this year's finalists.


2.Viktor Lyagushkin

3.Kerstin Vanselow


4.Frank Aron

5.Mariona Yepes Daviu

6.Daniel Eisenreich

7.Taryn Schulz

8.Thomas Wolters

9.Martin Broen

10.Nicole Wächter

11.Everi Guidi

12.Sergio Riccardo

13.Uli Kunz

Congratulations to each of the finalists for their efforts and the passion they brought to this competition. Your works were inspiring and extremely impressive. We would also like to thank all the voters who participated in selecting the winner. Your activity and support were invaluable.

We look forward to more amazing photographs from talented photographers in the future. Congratulations again to all the participants in the SANTI PHOTO AWARDS 2023 contest!


You can view the winning photos on the contest page. The 2024 calendar with these photos will be available soon.

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