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SANTI Service department declares the following servicing times that depend on the level of complication of works, and it can be:


1.Up to 7 days

short service

  • change of wrist seals
  • change of latex neck seal
  • leak test
  • Extra valve installed
  • installing the knee pads
  • leak repair (up to 3 leaks)
  • Change of valve (excluding valve price)
  • installing of „worm neck” neoprene
  • installing suspenders with chest pocket
  • installing p-valve

  • installing wrist rings


2.Up to 20 days

medium service

  • change of zipper (including zipper)
  • installing the side pocket
  • change of neoprene seal
  • change of shoes for flexsoles
  • change of standard neoprene shoes
  • change for neoprene socks
  • installing neoprene hood
  • leak repair (up to 10 leaks)
3.Up to 30 days

complicated service

  • change of shoes with tailoring works
  • change of neoprene socks or flexsoles with tailoring work
  • service consisting of more then 3 above services at once.
  • leak repair ( above 10 repairs)
  • different kinds of tailor changes (shortening of arms or legs, narrowing or widening of the dry suit)
  • services that need to be explained, consulted.


1. You can pay with card when picked up personally. If the serviced item is to be sent in side polish borders, the shipment price is 22 PLN. All shipments isnide EU to the countries when there is no custom declaration needed, the cost of shipping is 25 EUR.


2. In case of incomplete or lack of any information, the serviced product recieves status „ incomplete”. The completion time counts from the date of clarification.


3.Express repairs are possible to be performed in 3 working days( previous contact with service dept. Needed ) and are charged extra 30% from the original service price.


4. Completion time of the serviced items counts from the moment of acceptance in service queue.


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