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Tomasz Ramutkowski

Tomasz about SANTI

I require a lot from diving equipment. It must be of the highest quality and reliability to meet the requirements of everyday dives. Most often in difficult wreck or cave conditions or in low-temperature water. That is why I have been using SANTI equipment invariably for years.

Tomasz Ramutkowski Bio

Initially, it was the shipwrecks in the Baltic sea that sparked Tomek’s desire for exploration of the underwater world. Currently, after several thousand dives in various places around the world, he knows that quality, not quantity, is of key importance to him.

Tomek is an Instructor Trainer, rebreather, technical, wreck and sidemount instructor in several training associations. For nearly 15 years, he has been sharing his knowledge with his dive buddies and students, primarily focusing on high quality training.

Beside his passion for closed circuit rebreather diving, he is a skilled underwater photographer. If he is not teaching, he can be found in a flooded mine, cave, inside a wreck or another underwater place with a camera in his hands.

Although for Tomek the underwater environment is the main source of emotions and adventures, he feels the need to share it with others, which resulted in, among others, founding the Deepbusters Diving Center, the 4baltic Association and co-founding the Liberty Divers Club.


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