Afterdive store

Agnieszka Zagórska

Purchasing and shipping specialist

Agnieszka has been working at Santi since 2017 and joined the team as a Customer Service Specialist. Her experience as an active divemaster and dive instructor, passion and love for our industry and previous experience made her an ideal candidate for work with direct dealers. She used to handle dealer’s orders and seek for opportunities for growth and cooperation in the sales network. After some minor changes in our organization Agnieszka is currently the Manager of Concept Store in Gdynia (retail and dealer support), the administrator and manager of our drysuits and undersuits rental shop. Agnieszka also plays an important role as a retail customer advisor on our social media.


In her work, Agnieszka is very meticulous and committed to her tasks and the goals she sets. She will notice every detail important in customer service. Agnieszka devotes a lot of time, including personal time, to keep up with her responsibilities and treats each client individually and with due care.


Aga values her work primarily for its dynamics and contact with active and passionate people. Working at Santi gives her the opportunity to combine work with passion and pleasure which is diving and being an instructor. The greatest satisfaction in life gives her the dive training and new diving students trained by her.


In her free time, Agnieszka is also an artist. Moreover, she is keen on travelling. She has an amazing facility for painting, lace-making, crafting, graphic design, crocheting, stained glass making and interior design.


Her dream is to live in the countryside, by the lake... and fulfill the list of dream diving destinations :-)

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