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Air-friendly battery

Take SANTI heating system wherever you want

SANTI new Battery 9Ah on board.


It is your ticket to seamless dives and reliable power supply.


Check out its technical specs:


  • Capacity: 9Ah
  • Supply Voltage: 12V
  • Cell Type: Li-Ion
  • Height: 180mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 69mm
  • Length of E/O CORD: 60cm
  • Material: Polyacetal / POM / Delrin®
  • Charging Time: 2-3h
  • Working Depth: 100m
  • Weight: 1kg

Specifically engineered for use with SANTI's heated gloves, vest, and undersuit. It's versatile too – compatible with any torch below 150W and a supply voltage not exceeding 12.6V DC.

Take care of right body temperature while diving and dive whole year. 


Reach out to your local SANTI dealer to get your hands on this traveler game-changer.


 For more information, visit our website.


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