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SANTI Battery 6Ah – designed for the SANTI Heated Vest and SANTI Heated Gloves. Manufactured with hi-tech rechargeable Li-Ion cells which offer high discharge current. As result, it may be used to supply power to equipment items which require 100W in total. Closed in ergonomic, functional container. On the top section of the canister there is an E/O cord connector with led illumination and piezo switch.



  • ergonomic container,
  • E/O cord connector with unique led illumination,
  • trouble-free piezoelectric switch,
  • belt loop (no need for clamps),
  • charging through E/O cord connector,
  • possibility of using for both the SANTI heating system and lights.


Technical parameters:

  • capacity: 6Ah,
  • operating voltage: 12V,
  • height: 115mm,
  • diameter: 74mm,
  • E/O cord length: 60cm,
  • material: Polyacetal / POM / Delrin®,
  • charging time: 4-5h,
  • operation depth: 100m,
  • weight: 0,68kg.
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