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SANTI 6Ah battery is based on modern Li-Ion cells with high discharge current, so that it is possible to connect elements with a total power of up to 100W. The battery is enclosed in an ergonomic case, with the E/O cord connection cable and piezo switch fitted through the upper lid of the container. The battery is switched on by touching the flat switch on the lid and the operation is signaled by a blue backlight placed on the E/O cord connector. The container is equipped with a special opening, designed to secure the battery pack on the belt.

The battery is intended to work with a heated vest and gloves from the SANTI Heating System. There is also the possibility to use the battery with any torch if its power does not exceed 100W.


Estimated operating time for power supply of individual components:

  • heated gloves: 1h45min ~ 2h,
  • heated vest: 1h15min ~ 1h30min,
  • vest with gloves: 30 ~ 45min.


The battery should be connected with the chosen heating element through the SANTI connector or SANTI Thermovalve by using the E/O cord connector. When storing, the battery should remain turned off. It is recommended not to leave the battery discharged for more than 6 months.
To avoid the electrolysis process, the battery should not be switched on in the water while the E/O cord is not connected to any receiving device.



  • light, small and ergonomic container,
  • E/O cord connector with unique LED signalling,
  • trouble-free piezoelectric switch,
  • belt loop (no need for clamps),
  • charging via E/O cord connector,
  • the possibility of using for both the SANTI Heating System and flashlights.


Technical parameters:

  • capacity: 6Ah,
  • operating voltage 11,1V,
  • cells type: Li-Ion,
  • height: 115mm,
  • diameter: 74mm,
  • special groove for silicone band placement,
  • E/O cord lenght: 60cm,
  • material: Poliacetal / POM / Delrin®,
  • charging time: 4-5h,
  • operation depth: 100m,
  • weight: 0,68kg.


Works only with SANTI Thermovalve and SANTI Connector.

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