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Magdalena Rozmus

Magdalena about SANTI:

SANTI is exactly what I was looking for. The only company which listens and responds to the needs of diving women.

Magdalena Rozmus Bio

Magda is a trimix diver - a great fan of depth and scooter diving. For years, she has been trying to convince women that technical diving is also something for them. Besides teaching, she accompanies her students during their first deep dives and protects them.

"I was the only woman between men at every trip when I started my adventure with technical diving. Many guys treated me as the weakest link during diving courses. Now, I am the one who trains them. I have also a fantastic group of diving women who have great technical skills under water. They are brave and cautious at the same time. The Ladies First slogan was simply created for us! "

That's why I also post photos with "my" girls!

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