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SANTI - Seiko ad campaign in Lake Michigan, USA

In February 2021, SANTI took part in an advertising campaign showcasing the SEIKO Prospex Ice Diver watch in the frozen Lake Michigan in the United States.


SANTI took part in an advertising campaign for SEIKO, a Japanese watch manufacturer based in Chūō, Tokyo founded in 1881. The campaign presented the new Seiko Prospex Ice Diver watch in the frozen Lake Michigan, USA. For this occasion, SANTI produced custom-made drysuits, heating undersuits and heating gloves that helped the dive team to spend up to 90 minutes under the ice. During the photo shoot, the divers used the SANTI drysuits, which contributed to the success of the campain and helped divers look professional.



Cold water diving is not safe without a reliable drysuit and a proven heating system. We are glad that with our drysuits and heating system, divers were safe under the ice in such harsh conditions and it enabled the team to produce professional photos.


"I can't do my job and think creatively if I'm cold or wet. That’s why I depend on the best gear in the harshest environments and Santi drysuits have always been reliable, comfortable and they look sharp! Air temperatures were -10C - -6C and water temps were 2C so we used SANTI's Heated Undersuit Flex 2.0 and heated gloves to stay warm and comfortable in the water. That way we were able to stay underwater longer and produce some incredible images." - Becky Schott


“SANTI always produces quality drysuits and undersuits and for this project we needed perfection. SANTI's attention to detail and making sure the drysuits and logo placements were exactly what we wanted was above and beyond. All of the drysuits looked stunning and performed flawlessly in the fridged temperatures. We also used the Smart System which is really simple to set up and easy to use. Having these custom drysuits really helped create a great look for the team" - Becky Schott


E.Lite drysuits are recommended for all types of diving, especially technical, cave and wreck diving, due to the material from which they are made and protection of the most vulnerable and abrasion-prone areas. The waterproof front zipper is covered by an additional plastic zipper.


To ensure optimal thermal comfort while diving in icy water, divers used SANTI Heated Undersuit FLEX 2.0. This undersuit is light and flexible, which increases divers comfort under a drysuit. Made of high quality Climashield Contur fabric with additional insulation of the chest with a double layer of insulation, provides full flexibility of the material on every level which translates into exceptional mobility and smaller volume. The undersuit contains very efficient heating wires that provide optimal thermal comfort during long and cold dives. In this configuration, most of the generated heat is passed on directly on the diver’s body.




SANTI SmartGloves System is a self-assembled dry gloves system, compatible with SANTI SmartSeals rings system. Its main advantage is the flexibility that allows the diver to put on and take off the gloves effortless. It allows to operate the equipment easier and reach hard accessible places during the dives. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be used by divers with various hand sizes. The system characterizes with an extremely large sealing surface as well as high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions.


More photos soon!

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