Y.Zin Kim



Y.Zin Kim

NatGeo Korea UW Photographer




  1. My adventure with diving started…
    My diving journey started in 2008 and it seems like it was pretty much the biggest turning point, which implemented many changes in my life.
    I saw Nirvana’s album cover which was taken underwater and that was the moment when it began.
    At that time, due to the lack or not many underwater photographers were not much knowledge and techniques in Korea.
    So I decided to learn diving in order to become underwater photographer, I have spent my time and money and have prepared my career to become underwater photographer.
    In 2010, I did some main posters for Korean TV shows and movies and I could settle down as photographer and held photo exhibition, I signed the contract with National Geographic and started my career as Korea’s first underwater photographer and first National Geographic Underwater Photographer in Korea.

  2. As a diver I am mostly proud of…
    Giving inspirations to my students who I meet at my seminars and lectures and just seeing them dreaming of becoming underwater photographer makes me happy and proud.

  3. One of my most exciting diving expedition was…
    There are many, but the most exciting one was when I dived to 100m depth with side mount to the underwater cave in Mexico. In order to progress underwater cave photography, I have been learning side mount techniques and I travelled to Mexico and Florida for shooting last year.

  4. My biggest dream about diving is still…
    There are many dreams that I want to achieve through my career, but as I am now executive member of Shark Savers Korea, my biggest dream is to work on documentary film about Shark Savers in the South Pole.

  5. My biggest advice to divers – beginner is…
    I courageously advise and suggest to take proper diving educations by well-trained instructors and follow regulations in every circumstances because nothing is more important than your precious life. I guarantee that safe diving with proper education will give you even greater joy.

  6. I dive in SANTI, because
    I am often impressed by SANTI’s business philosophy and their products quality that satisfy divers with decent styles and practical values.

  7. Apart from diving my other interests are…
    Of course my other interests are photography and films. Also I am interested in car racing and horse riding.

  8. Currently I am working on…
    I am working on films of Korea’s Hae-Nyeo mainly around Jeju Island and some other places. I started this Hae-Nyeo project three years ago. I am planning to have many exhibitions and publications regarding Korea’s Hae-Nyeo.

  9. If I wouldn’t dive I would…
    I have never thought about anything else other than photography and diving.
    Maybe I would keep working on photo works for movie and music but I don’t want to think about substitution because I assume that my life without diving would be absolutely bored.