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Jakub Janowicz

Key Account Manager PL, CS Manager in Warsaw

Kuba has been working in our branch and SANTI CS in Warsaw since 2013. He is an active diver and experienced person in the diving industry. Prior to joining SANTI team, Kuba was given the innovative task of building the concept of Concept Store from scratch in terms of running the SANTI store and showroom in Warsaw. His duties also included setting optimal conditions for cooperation with dealers in Poland and determining in what ways CS can support their work, too. Kuba works with all SANTI and AVATAR dealers in Poland, test centers and he supports the cooperation with diving sites in Poland. He actively participates in all trade fairs and Demo Day events that he supervises.


Kuba is a person who can perfectly motivate himself for any work, idea, initiative, goal or activity. He is a volcano of energy and ideas and likes to move from words to action so he often talks and consults his work with the board and employees in Gdynia. Kuba is an expert in retail customer service, is well versed in equipment selection techniques and has a wealth of expertise in non-SANTI products currently available in the market.


Kuba appreciates working at SANTI for the relationships with people, the challenges and the opportunity to directly influence the shape of his work.


In spare time he most enjoys spending time with his daughter, he likes scuba diving and skateboarding, but as he himself admits, his passion is also his work. It is his daughter and his work that give his life real meaning and satisfaction.


Believe it or not, Kuba's dream is to fly into space - you can't go any further than that J. Perhaps in a Silver Moon drysuit.

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